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Bloom and Grow helps primary-aged students to master their literacy education through a growth mindset.

Through her eight years of classroom teaching, Meredyth has built her practice around excellence; pursuing excellence from herself and from her students.

To achieve this, she focusses her teaching practice on best practice techniques that come from the latest research in educational achievement. This quality led her to win the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award for Innovation in Classroom Teaching.

Year 6 Student
"Meredyth began tutoring our daughter Angel in late 2019. She communicated well with our easily distracted but sharp kid, thus making our child feel comfortable in learning."
Hitender, Ananya's Father

The challenges that come with school, university and future employment, can be stressful on young minds.


- develop engagement and the growth mindsets
- apply advanced study skills, and
- build the inner strength to succeed in challenging situations.

Mindset is the key to unlocking potential

Meredyth has high standards and high expectations for her students. However, her teaching is always encapsulated within the folds of warmth and encouragement to make a safe place for the student to challenge themselves and grow.
She also embeds these values into her students; teaching them to experience learning through a growth mindset and self-kindness. This enables them to become the masters of their own education as they progress into high school and beyond.
World of Wordcraft PROGRAM
World of Wordcraft is a complete literacy learning program that incorporates best practice educational methods. The program offers a dynamic and rich learning experience for children between Years 2 and 6.

Our current program

World of Wordcraft

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If you have any questions, you can reach Meredyth on 0422 949 910. Alternatively, please register your interest below and we’ll be in contact with you.

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