World of Wordcraft is a complete literacy learning program designed to help your child excel in their English education.

If your child is gifted and talented, or you are keen to advance their academic studies, this is the perfect opportunity for your child to excel.

Incorporating the latest evidence-based education methodology, we develop children's reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. The expansion of these abilities provides children with the dynamic and rich knowledge that accelerates their literacy skills.

The challenges that come with school, university and future employment, can be stressful on young minds.


- develop engagement and the growth mindsets
- apply advanced study skills, and
- build the inner strength to succeed in challenging situations.

The program has successfully nurtured young writers to succeed in entrance to the Gifted and Talented program.

Turning words into meaning

Through exploring the works of successful and award-winning writers, we guide children to understanding strong writing models.

We help them to develop their own writing style, while building breadth and complexity into their reading and writing skills.
By improving your child’s mastery of literacy components, they learn to:

1. Construct complex characters and worlds,
2. Employ emotionally provocative connections,
3. Develop descriptive and dynamic narratives.

Transformational results

The program culminates in mature and exceptional writers.

We have successfully nurtured young writers to gain entrance into the Gifted and Talented Program and go on to win national writing competitions.

By joining the World of Wordcraft program, your child will have the opportunity to join their distinguished ranks.

You can check out two of our students' award winning pieces below. 
Read : The Pirates New Necklace
By Leah who was awarded Third Place in the prestigious Tim Winton Writing Competition.
Read : Hatred
By Annie who was Highly Commended in the prestigious Tim Winton Writing Competition.
World Of Wordcraft
Frequently Asked Questions

I would like my child to try for the Gifted and Talented test. Is this program suitable for them?

Yes! This is the perfect place for them to be. Most of the students who participate in this program intend to apply for the GATE test. Furthermore, this program has supported children to gain access into the GATE program. You can check out the reviews from their parents here.

My child is struggling with their English lessons. Is this the right place for them?

No, the World of Wordcraft program is only designed for children receiving a C-grade or above. If you are unsure what your child’s current grade is, ask their classroom teacher.

Do you only offer group classes?

Yes, in order to create what we like to call a ‘Bubble of Geniuses’. Our program is deliberately designed this way to reflect best practice in teaching. Kids speak “children-ese” and are sometimes better able to explain a concept to another child than a teacher can.

It also allows them to learn from each other. When one child makes a mistake, group members can see how this can be corrected before they make it themselves. Alternatively, when one child demonstrates excellence, the group can imitate it.

Furthermore, the group environment gives them exposure to a variety of ideas and writing styles which will improve the breadth and depth of their literacy skills. This reflects the group-like nature of the GATE and PEAC programs.

How many students are in a class?

Class sizes are kept to four to ensure that your child gets the attention they need and deserve to excel.

What is the age range of students in a group?

The classes are split into Year Groups from Year 2 to Year 6.

Do you only offer the program online?

No, if you live in Western Australia, you are welcome to join me at my home in Thornlie. However, literacy is easily studied in an online environment and children are not disadvantaged in any way by doing it online. Ninety percent of my students join me via Zoom as they get a rich educational experience from the convenience of home.

Do you only offer the program to students in Year 2-6?

Yes. Kindergarten to Year 1 is the early childhood phase of their learning. As they are still developing the basics of literacy, they don’t have the knowledge and stamina to cope with the intensity of this program. For year 2 students we have a specially design version of this program that accomodates the additional learning needs of this age group.

How much are the classes?

Year 2 and 3 classses are $35 per child for a 1 hour class each week.

Year 4, 5 and 6 classes are $70 per child for a 2 hour class each week (with a ten minute break in the middle).

How do I pay?

The classes are billed weekly and you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

What if my child is sick that day?

That’s fine! Just let us know and we’ll slot them into the same class on another day, so that they won’t be left behind.

Does the program include homework?

There is usually a small amount of homework to complete at the end of the lesson. Often this is no more than writing a few paragraphs or doing some brain storming. Homework is kept to a minimum to acknowledge the busyness of children’s after school programs, such as school homework and after school activities.

Attending the program

Please note: The enrolling child must be receiving a C- grade or above to participate in this program.For children based in NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT and SA, the program can be attended via Zoom video conferencing.  For children based in WA, the program can be attended via Zoom or in-person.
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For Western Australian residents
Western Standard Time
Years 3/4
Tues  4:30pm
Wed  4:15pm

Years 5/6
Tues  5:30pm
Thurs  6:15pm
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For NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT and SA residents
Eastern Standard Time
Year 3/4
Tues  3:30pm

Year 5/6
Wed  3:30pm

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Year 4 Student
"We greatly appreciate the positive effect you’ve had on Elijah. His teacher can’t believe how much his confidence has grown. This is due to your positive praise and reinforcement."
Kim, Elijah's Mother

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